I am reasonably new to Jacob Chance but when I saw this on KU I figured it sounded like my kind of story and I had nothing to lose.

The whole athletic manwhore arsehole used to be my absolute must read character. And while I know my tastes have changed somewhat I still find these characters entertaining as long as they give good boyfriend.

But I have to admit the first few chapters of Brady I thought I had found another favourite theme that I had lost the ability to read. Then he met Harlow and he gave not just great boyfriend but great chase. He was so adamant she was it for him and he proved it hard.

And Harlow was a great NA heroine. She was comfortable being her. She had the normal insecurity we all have at that age but she knew her worth and wasn't going to be a notch on Brady's bed head.

The inevitable drama I did see coming from the start but it was a good twist on the usual college romance drama so I did appreciate it. I am a little vengeful so I could have done with seeing a few people get there own back but maybe they will later in the series. Guess I will have to read on and see.

I would have loved to see a little more into the future but nothing was missing not having it I am just wanting more.


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