Squeeeeeeeee!!! Oh my god that was awesome and just as adorbs as Hosed. I picked it up this afternoon and fell so deep into Happy Cat I literally couldn't put it down. I had forgotten that this was the second book in the series and just started reading it and it all came flooding back with George Cooney. Damn I love that little rodent.

Olivia was so airy fairy and I remember her from the first book and although that's not my thing I loved everything about her. And I actually felt her sunshine presence as I read the book. She was just so much sunshine and light I could feel it radiate onto the huge smile I had the whole time I was reading the book.

And even though there was a bit more emotion in this than the first one it was still funny as hell in parts and the whole vibe of the book was so happy. I am still smiling just thinking about it and yet it still had some great chemistry and despite the fact Jace was marrying someone else for half of the book the romance was sweet as cake.

But before you panic no it isn't really a love triangle kind of thing you just have to trust Jace and see. Because Jace was awesome and I loved how he dealt with everything. It just felt so genuine and caring and he was so swoony.  I loved seeing him with Olivia and hearing his inner thoughts just made him even sweeter.

And now I am even more obsessed with Happy Cat and it's inhabitants and I can't wait to see who is the next couple to be getting their story told. Fingers crossed it's Hope, although Savannah deserves it after her ex's stunts. But no matter who it is I will be one clicking like a hedgehog on a squirrels tail 😉


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