So Idk if you know that a pre-order of Rebecca Yarros’ book got you a free copy of Girl in Luv co written by Jay. For me this was such a massive win I was thrilled. Until I got to the end and realised there was a second half Boy in Luv, which I could only get with a pre-order of Justified by Jay. Too easy! I jumped on Amazon and pre-ordered that sucker immediately then realised I have to wait for freaking ever for both books. Obviously this led to some stalking and obsessing and then BOOM there was Unbroken in netgalley. And omg they approved me.

So I jumped right on into this novella and devoured it in one sitting and now I am even more obsessed and impatient to get my grabby hands on Justified. Because damn does that blurb and teaser make me convinced this is going to be my kinda story.

But for now I guess I should focus on Unbroken and our introduction to Loveless and the Lawton family. Crew was the perfect kick-off. A damaged rodeo cowboy whose looks are a rival for David Gandy and Scott Eastwood. Ummm yeah I will buy whatever he's selling.

Crew is one of those characters that I didn't really like for a while but once he manned up I loved. Della was awesome. She was a little insecure but only in a way that made her feel real. And once she decided to go for something she didn't get in her own way.

I really enjoyed this novella but it felt like a tease to Case and hopefully Kody's books. And going in already knowing what an amazing writer Jay is I can't wait to see how it all unfolds in Loveless.


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