This story is your classic new adult, college romance story and it was exactly what I needed to break up all the angsty, emotional drama I have been reading lately. I am a big fan of the whole manwhore getting his arse kicked by love thing. And this was that to a T.

Nina was such a sweetheart but she made all the classic stupid girl mistakes that drive me a little crazy. And while I understood that she was trying to prevent getting her heart broken I just wanted to shake her and tell her to use her big girl words.

Carter, well he was Carter and honestly I think I cut these guys so much slack because let's face it teenage boys/young men are stupid. They do ( with few exceptions) think mostly with their little head and Carter wasn't one of the exceptions.

And honestly if this book wasn't written in dual points of view I would have hated it. But getting to know them both and what they were thinking and feeling I was able to forgive them both their stupidity and hope that they would set aside their pride and actually let the other know what they were feeling.

But then as I said this was a typical new adult, college romance and I got exactly what I expected and it was exactly what I needed and having seen the blurb for the next book I am looking forward to Sadie and who I am assuming is Carter's brother's story.


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