Written with Regret landed on my kindle the other day and I just knew that it was going to end on a cliffhanger and make me crazy while I waited for the conclusion. But it was an Aly Martinez duet so I drove myself slightly crazy holding off to read it and put myself in a book slump. Then I made the mistake of looking to see what people who had read it were saying about the brutality of the cliffhanger.

Massive mistake as I saw a semi spoiler and spent the whole book waiting to see if my suspicions were correct. And now I still have to wait for the next book. Thankfully this wasn’t as devastating as I was expecting it to be and I actually had a few laugh out loud moments.

Caven was awesome. He was so much better than I expected him to be. He was the overprotective father and he was also the incredibly understanding guy who knew what Hadley had been through and wanted to help her. And I really loved every facet of his personality.

Hadley was a little harder to warm up to for me. I am nowhere near as forgiving or understanding as Caven and although I completely respected everything he did to ensure Rosie’s safety and well being I kinda wanted him to be an unreasonable jerk and run her off. I get where Hadley was coming from too (eventually) but man she went about it all so arse backwards I wanted to shake her.

But OMG Rosie and Ian and Beth were awesome secondary characters and exactly what the book needed and I loved them all so hard. And now I am going to go curl up in a ball until I get Written with You on my kindle. 


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