Oh my god that book was completely unputdownable (shut up that's a word now). That was absolutely one of my favourite reads this year, which isn't really a surprise since I adore everything Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy have written but I went into this so completely blind I had no idea what to expect except that it was M/M.

And when it started and I met Keaton and Annika my stomach may have formed nervous knots. Especially since I liked them both immediately and naturally my brain started trying to figure out how this book was going to play out. I was so nervous but so completely spellbound I couldn't put it down if the house was on fire.

Then it just got hot. I mean damn the chemistry between these guys literally had me blushing and fanning myself. Then I was completely laughing out loud. And I even had a moment where I shed a few tears. Because this book has amazing writing and the story was awesome and I feel like I lived it right along with them. I was that invested in these characters.

Luke broke my heart for him. I loved him and I wanted the world for him but I did have some serious doubts that he could get past his own baggage to be good enough for Keaton. I just loved them as a couple so much.

But seriously this book is THE SHIT! And I say that as a reader who very rarely reads M/M romance. Sarina and Elle as a duo just completely ruined me in the very best of ways. The only way this could be better is if I could read it again for the first time.


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