The Difference was a big huge bag of warm fuzzies and it actually was the perfect solution to my book slump. And the ideal lazy mothers day read. Even if I did still manage to find a few things to whinge about I knew it was mostly me just being a miserable bitch.

Kaylee is one of those authors that I kind of forget I love until I see her name pop up then I have a oh yeah moment and get super excited. So basically she turns me into a Labrador. 

First off this book was two romances in one. We got the story of Addy and Luke as the main characters but we also got the side story of their besties which was super sweet and less drama than Addy.

Don't get me wrong I liked Addy but she was a bit of a drama queen who saw a catastrophe in every rain cloud. And I know she has been through her share of losers but she just went on and on about it and jumped to stupid conclusions about things.

Luke however was the perfect hero of the story and if I was him I would have run for the hills. But he didn't obviously and he was so caring and understanding and just flat out perfect I kinda was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But having this written from both points of view made me love him more and understand Addy's fears a little bit. And I really did enjoy watching  the side relationship unfold and I would have loved to get a little more of Luke's sister and nephew but maybe they will get their own book later. Please?

Anyway this was a solid 4 star read and I can't wait to see what Kaylee is going to write next.


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