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Title: Right Kind of Wrong
Author: Sara Rider
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

About Right Kind of Wrong
When Julia Hardin is hired to plan the local library’s annual fundraiser, it’s exactly the chance she needs to take her event planning business to the next level. With a shoestring budget and ridiculously tight timeline, it won’t be easy to pull off, but Julia has never shied away from a challenge before. Then again, she’s never met a challenge quite like Fergus MacNair, the town’s hot, grumpy librarian who’s determined to thwart her plans at every turn.

Fergus is willing to do almost anything to bring in more funds to support vital library programming. But nothing about working with Julia, a woman who gets under his skin like no other, is easy. Not her bossy attitude, not her over-the-top decorations, and most certainly not the way she sparks an uncontrollable desire inside of him. But when she accidentally returns a library book with a sexy doodle of him for a bookmark, he realizes just how unprepared he is for this partnership.

When Fergus discovers her doodle, Julia is certain this is one disaster she’ll never recover from. But when Fergus responds with a naughty drawing of his own, these complete opposites might just find a common language after all.


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He didn’t answer. Didn’t even acknowledge she’d spoken. His attention was wholly absorbed by something on the ground next to her feet. 
“What is it?” She asked. 
He ignored her once again. He leaned forward and stared at something that was stuck in the wheel of the chair she’d been sitting on—a piece of paper, she realized. With the careful precision of a surgeon, he extricated it. 
Horror rose in her throat when she saw what it was. 
“Oh god.” She reached for the paper, but he was too quick, spinning in his chair so that his back was to her. 
“Julia Hardin and the Tale of the Sexy Highlander Librarian?”
She’d known embarrassment in her life. She’d felt the sting of shame and stomach-curdling regret. But nothing in her life—nothing in the vast realms of her imagination—had prepared her for the sheer mortification she felt in that moment. If her skin hadn’t just turned ice-cold, she would have self-combusted. 
She should have run, but her feet were frozen to the ground, forcing her to witness the horrified expression on his face when he turned back around. The heavy silence that followed was almost unbearable.
Finally, he spoke. “I don’t talk like that. I don’t even have a Scottish accent.” 
She closed her eyes and waited for the devil to come tell her she’d just died and landed straight in hell. “I know.”
“Also, I don’t—”
A strangled noise exploded from her throat. She started running for the door. He caught her before she made it, hands landing on her shoulder. “Julia, what are you doing?”
“Running away before I die of embarrassment.”
She laughed hysterically and pitched high enough to shatter the windows. “You just found my sex cartoon of us, and you’re wondering why I’m embarrassed?” 
“Sex isn’t something to be embarrassed about.” 
He was trying to kill her. There was no other possible explanation. “Everything about that drawing is embarrassing.”
“You did a good job with my hands. Most people can’t draw hands.” 
“This isn’t about the hands!”
“Then what?” 
Her shoulders sagged in defeat beneath his hands. “You just found a drawing that clearly and undeniably lays out my sexual fantasies about you. Now you know that I…” she sucked in her breath “…lust after you.” 

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About the Author
Sara Rider writes contemporary romance full of heart, heat, and happily ever after. She lives in British Columbia with her husband and daughters. She spends far too much time in public libraries and never leaves the home without her e-reader stuffed in her purse.


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