So being fairly new to Lani Lynn Vale's work but having binged the hell out of the series I have read I wanted to read more but don't have the time to binge any of her longer series. Then I found this one. And I am still a fan. I love her writing style and her strong female characters and protective alpha men.

After reading the blurb I was expecting something a little bit different from what I got but I think that was more my preconceptions of how I thought it was going to play out. It wasn't a negative in any way just different.

Dax was the perfect hero. He was sweet and loving and open but also possessive and protective. He is exactly what I love in my book boyfriends and the reason I have become so hooked on the author's work.

Rowen was a great character in her own right. She had a pretty major thing happen to her but she dealt with It. Sure she was upset but she didn't make it a major issue. She just went about falling in love with Dax and living life.

Their chemistry was awesome and I liked the secondary characters who I'm assuming will be getting their own books as the series progresses. I am thinking I'll have to find the time to read the OG generation while I'm waiting for these ones to be written.


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