Do you ever read books that just slightly don't work for you but you try to justify it to yourself because you like the author? This was one of those books for me. I wanted to like it and I tried to justify the characters behaviours I didn't like but in the end I just had to give it up.

I liked Blanca ………. for a while. She was this strong, independent young lady who quit the job she hated to chase her dreams. She reconnected with a childhood friend and was living the life she wanted. Then she just annoyed me with her weak choices when it came to Ethan. 

The first meeting between Blanca and Ethan was great and I felt the instant attraction. But I wanted him to be less wishy washy. Because omg did he run hot and cold worse than a teenage girl and I wanted my own set of rusty scissors. He drove me nuts and Blanca was just too accommodating for a woman with a backbone.

But all that said, it's Piper Rayne and the writing was good. The next book is so well set up and I am really excited to read it. This one just wasn't the one for me.


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