I put down Just Kidding and jumped straight into Fries Before Guys, at 2am, obviously I have zero self control. I just get so addicted to this author's work I need more.

We were introduced to both characters in the previous book and I immediately liked Avery. She just couldn't catch a break but she just kept coming back swinging and I loved her strength. I just can't even imagine going through all that and not giving up.

Derek I expected more from. Which feels a bit harsh because he was a great hero but he wasn't as alpha or protective as I wanted. Because seriously if anyone ever needed protecting and loving it was Avery. Not that he didn't have his moments just that he needed to bring the alpha more.

Don't get me wrong Avery was very much able to take care of herself. It felt like she had been doing it forever and I just wanted Derek to go complete caveman and slay all of her dragons. Because the whole world was against her.

All of that said I loved both characters and I couldn't put the story down. I wasn't sure where things were going to go and I was dying to see everything work out for Avery. Now i just have to wait a month for Mr March.


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