Whenever I pick up a book by the beautiful Rebecca Yarros I know one thing. I am going to get ALL the feels. So I try to do it at a time when I can afford to experience them which, with a house full of kids, is in short supply. 

So I put my hand up for a review copy and waited for my rejection only to run through the house squealing when I got it. But then it taunted me. Every single time I opened my kindle, there it was And all I wanted was to crawl into my bed with a locked door and box of tissues and dive in but I adulted like a champ and waited.

Obviously it was worth the wait. No one writes like Rebecca. No one makes me care about everyone and everything like she does. Her words all have a weight to them that you can only experience while reading one of her stories.

Cam was such a beautiful character. I want to say he was broken but it feels wrong. He was too solid and dependable and perfect to be called broken. His life experiences had been brutal and harsh but he came through them with so much love and compassion he can't be described as broken.

Willow had her own strength and it so perfectly complemented Cam's, it was perfect. The connection between the two of them leapt from the page and held onto my heart for the whole book. 

The background characters were perfect in that I felt them too. Their small mindedness and judgement felt all too real, like small town anywhere, where everyone remembers everything through the curtain of their opinion. But I enjoyed watching them have their eyes opened even if it was still a little less groveling than I would like.

Anyway the only thing you need to know about this book to go out and purchase it is that Rebecca Yarros wrote it. And of course it is as perfectly,  devastatingly, beautiful and haunting as all her other stories. Bring tissues.


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