It's no secret I love all things Covenettes. They are such an awesome group of friends and family. But I have this issue that once I pick up one of these books I am so completely immersed in their world which is great except for my damn family being so needy and trying to talk to me.

I was so excited to get Jase's book. I feel like he has been so firmly entwined in the previous stories while still being in the background. But he's one of those larger than life characters that stood out even as a secondary character. And let's be honest the Covenettes have these boys well trained so you know they are going to give good boyfriend. And Jase did for the most part.

Melody was a great introduction to the Covenettes along with her two besties. And I love that although the group is pretty incestuous they just keep getting bigger and picking up awesome new members. Mel's was absolutely beautiful. 

Now I'm going to be honest. I saw that drama coming from their first introduction but even so it didn't take a damn thing away from it. Except for the chapter or two where I wanted to give Jase a swift kick in the boys. But he came back to his senses beautifully and the conclusion was perfect.

I am so excited to get Maddey's story next. I am not excited to wait until June for it. But I know it's going to be well worth the wait because she is so kick arse plus she has all the words. And the whole stalker angle combined with the seal family business and the Covenettes guarantee this is going to be action packed and amazeballs and I really can't wait. 


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