I adore Lex Martin. Her writing style just hits every single one of my buttons. So every time she has a new release I can't read anything for the days leading up to the book being in my grabby little hands because I am so fixated on reading her words.

However my biggest issue is my goldfish brain. So every book is like a standalone for me. I vaguely remember the story and characters from each book but I forget the secondary characters. So I couldn't remember who Logan and Joey were. But this isn't an issue because as soon as I started reading I was caught up in all things them and their lives.

Joey was so perfect. Words can't even begin to describe her character. I always worry about these kinds of friends to lovers books where the h has been in love and pining for the H and he has been sleeping with everything with a pulse. But with Lex writing it, it doesn't matter.  The heroine isn't going to be a doormat and the hero is going to pull out all the stops and that's exactly what I love about it.

Joey had loved Logan forever but she had self respect and a backbone. She knew she deserved more than she thought he was capable of giving her and she packed up and left. And she didn't come home for him or even plan on staying there even once their relationship started.

But of course Logan knew what he was missing when Joey left so he had no intentions of letting her leave again. Now as the blurb said Logan is drowning in secrets and honestly I guessed what it was immediately and I spent most of the book waiting to see how they would come out and tear his life apart. And although I get why he felt he needed to keep it all secret I wanted to slap him for being so stupid.

Naturally once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. I loved every second of the story and I think I need to plan a complete series re-read. There is a link for a novella at the end of this which I have downloaded and ready to go as my incentive to write this review so I'm off.


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