I am fairly new to Lani Lynn Vale, but since I read my first book of hers I have had her as one of my go to, one click authors and I'm slowly making my way through her library. Hissy Fit hit my TBR but it wasn't on my priority list since she has so many amazing sounding books to read. But when I was offered the opportunity to get my hands on an audible copy I jumped at it.

Normally I am not a huge audiobook listener as I find it hard to concentrate with toddlers running around. But having a weekend away with hubby I got to spend the day in bed listening to this and it was awesome. 

Firstly I want to say that the narrator's were perfect. Their voices were great. Being Aussie sometimes the accents can be a little jarring or distracting but these voices worked beautifully for me. 

Now in regards to the actual story. It wasn't my favourite. Which could be in part due to my expectations from the books I have read. But I found it a little boring. I was expecting the drama to be more dramatic so when it happened I was all "oh is that it?" I was expecting more.

Raleigh was a sweetheart and I liked her from the start but Ezra didn't really do it for me. He wasn't alpha enough and I never felt like he gave enough consideration to Raleigh. If I didn't get his point of view I probably would have hated him. But luckily his point of view proved how much he loved her he just didn't show it as much as I want in a book boyfriend. 

Raleigh needed to be a little more assertive. If someone else had their hands on my husband and he didn't back the hell away fast his arse had better be groveling and it better never happen again. Especially if he has had his penis previously in this same person. And said person is a bitch to me to boot and he doesn't give her even a gentle verbal slap down just nope. 

The only saving grace for Ezra really was him saying she deserved more from him but geez if your aware of that issue throw in some action. Although to his defense I think he was just oblivious and I really felt that he didn’t see anything but Raleigh after he finally noticed her.

So maybe it's just that I have high expectations for the men in my books. And that's what I expected from Lani Lynn Vale. The full, growling, possessive, protective alpha male. And Ezra wasn't that but I loved Raleigh so much I wanted that for her.

All that said I did enjoy my six hours listening to the lovely voices of the narrator's. And having it in dual point of view meant that although Ezra wasn't what I wanted him to be I couldn't hate him because he did love Raleigh. And he knew how beautiful she was. So I think this maybe more a me issue than a book issue.  


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