So being a massive fan of Ilsa Madden-Mills I immediately signed up to review this book.  Then I saw that it was a longer version of a short story from an anthology I had previously read. But figured it would be ok, my memory is pretty bad and there's a load more contents.

As I started reading it I started to remember the story and I was a little worried that the new content was just filler. But I was so hooked and I couldn't remember some of the details so I kept reading and fell in love with the whole thing. And there was so much more to the story.

Ava is a character who is completely forged in steel. She went through hell and back and never came close to giving up. She just kept fighting for everything she wanted and I loved her so much. 

But Knox was equally as beautiful. He had moments where he ran hot and cold and I wanted to scream at him because Ava deserved so much more. But then I also understood where he was coming from thanks to the story being told in dual point of view. I wish there was a lot more of them together but I can't complain because seeing Ava heal and grow made me all warm and fuzzy.

And I really loved the epilogues. That's right two of them just to put the cherry on the awesome story sundae. The background characters were perfect and I would kill for them all to get their own books.



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