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Author: Cassie Cross
Genre: Contemporary Romance


About The Sweet Spot
Lexie James spent years dreaming about opening her own bakery. She’s invested every penny she’s ever saved—and some other peoples’ pennies too—into making that dream come true. The Sweet Spot is thriving thanks to her dedication and penchant for perfection, but she’s lonely and Hunter, the gorgeous guy who owns the gym across the street, is a nice distraction.

Hunter Elliott is Lexie’s high school crush. The timing’s never been right for the two of them, but when he notices that all work and no play makes Lexie a stressed-out overworked mess, he stages an intervention. He’s determined to show her that she can be successful and have a life.

First, he needs to help her find that sweet spot between business and pleasure…

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I make a beeline for the minuscule card section by the pharmacy, walking past the owner, Eileen, on my way. 
“Whatcha in for, Lexie?” she asks. 
“I need a card.” I smile at her as I walk backwards. I can’t stop, I’m a woman on a mission. 
“We’re a little light, I’m afraid. We haven’t had a delivery for a couple of weeks.” 
Great, just what I need. “I can make something work.” 
“Good luck, sweetie,” she says, waving me toward the back corner of the store, where shameful people like me flock to get last-minute birthday cards. 
Eileen wasn’t lying. The card selection is…sparse. A tiny tumbleweed blows between the Sympathy and New Baby slots. 
Amidst the nothingness, I spot a lone birthday card with brightly colored balloons on the front. I reach out to take it, my hand moving in slo-mo like I’m triumphantly crossing the finish line in an inspirational movie where I’ve beaten the odds to finish the race. 
I get my hands on it milliseconds before someone else does. 
I will fight if necessary. 
“I think we’re gonna have to ask Eileen to pull up some security footage to see who touched this first.” 
I’m holding the left side of the only birthday card in this store, and Hunter Elliot is holding the right. 
His handsomeness always stuns me a little, but today I’m desperate. My grip is steady. I’m not letting go for anything, not even him.
“Hey Hunter.” 
“Lex,” he replies with this sexy smirk that he probably thinks will make me weak in the knees and the finger joints. Ha! No such luck. Maybe some other day, but definitely not today. 
“No need to pull up the footage,” I tell him. “I’m a woman driven by desperation with a single-minded focus. I’m positive I was here first. Milliseconds first, but first.” 
He arches his brow. “You sure about that?” 
I nod. “Absolutely.”
“Hmmm…I bet I need this more than you do.” 
I scoff at him. “Not a chance.” 
“The receptionist at the gym. Her birthday is tomorrow,” he says, switching tactics like he thinks I can be swayed by his troubled eyes and sob story. “I have personal training clients back to back all day. This is the only time I have to get her a card.” 
He thinks he has time crunch problems? Heh. I can top that. 
“My mom’s birthday is the day after tomorrow. I have until the mailman stops by the shop today to get a card out to her on time.Thiscard. I really didn’t mean to leave it until the last minute, but that’s just how I do things these days, because all I have time for is my store. I need this card. Not only because I touched it first and it is therefore mine, but also because it will save me from lectures on the dangers of becoming a spinster until at least Christmas.”
Hunter’s gaze slips down my body in a way that sets anticipation skittering down my spine.
“You?” he asks incredulously. “A spinster? Not happening.”

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About Cassie
Cassie Cross is a Maryland native and a romantic at heart, who lives outside of Baltimore with her two dogs and a closet full of shoes. Cassie’s fondness for swoon-worthy men and strong women are the inspiration for most of her stories, and when she’s not busy writing a book, you’ll probably find her eating takeout and indulging in her love of 80’s sitcoms.

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