I really don't know how to review this book. I know it was a good story that was well written, I also know that this week has been so stressful. So I didn't love the book, and I took a lot longer to read it than anticipated and I didn't really connect to the characters. But was that because my heads just everywhere or is it just because Maybe this book just wasn't for me?


I had moments where i was able to get wrapped up in the story and I really loved the plot. I thought Holden was an amazing boyfriend until he was a huge bit of a knob. And the first time I got it and felt terrible for him and completely sympathized. The second time not so much. I liked that he loved his first wife so much and I thought that might be an issue for me through the story, but I never felt like Gigi was any less than or compared to. He loved his first wife but he also loved Gigi and he was all in, no guilt, no reservations.


Gigi I liked. But that's it. I liked her, next subject. I don't really have anything else to say about her. So yeah that's where I'm at. I liked the few nods to previous characters from the series and the True North world. I liked the secondary characters and I'm looking forward to more of the True North world.



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