I saw the promo for Good Guys Don't Win and I had to get my grabby hands on it. Then I read the first few pages and felt like I was missing out on something, so I checked on GoodReads and realised it was book two in the series. Since I had some time with our current Covid restrictions I decided to one click this on KU and read it first and I'm glad I did.


From the start I loved Aurora, AKA Rory. She was so strong and competent and after everything she had been through, I wanted everything to work out perfectly for her. And honestly despite the fact that I wanted Mascen to get a junk punch for most of this book the chemistry between them was electric. 


Mascen really had no reason to be the jackhole that he was, which kind of frustrated me. Obviously, it added to the story but the fact his life had been awesome while Rory's fell apart and he was the bitter one annoyed me. Then he would do something sweet or have a silent epiphany and I would be putty in his hands again.


And now I get to dive into Cole's book which already has me so excited. Especially since he was so awesome in this book.




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