Helena Hunting has been the queen of quirky, hilarious heroines. And then I started this series and fell in love with her writing serious, deep characters. So now when I pick up her books I don't know if I'm getting a story that will have me laugh out loud or cry like a baby.


Every book in this series has been awesome and each one has had its own unique story. With each couple dealing with their own issues. And yet we still got the happy, feel good romance that Helena does so well. Plus, all of the characters we know and love from previous books and series are all there being their awesome selves.


When it was announced that this was Jake and Hanna's story, I was so excited. For so many reasons. And I initially was expecting it to be light and funny and the drama to be based around their extremely complicated family dynamics. But I read a warning about the serious twist this one took.


So, if you've read this series in order you became well acquainted with Jake and Hanna through Queenie and Ryan's story. And you felt the chemistry every time these two were in the same room. If you haven't then get to it, this series is must read.


Jake and Hanna were perfect together. They were mature and had both been through so much, yet they were both simply happy living their lives. Each of them was focused on their family and their own lives. But when they came together they didn't throw any unnecessary drama or obstacles in their way. They worked together and communicated and just made this a great book to read.


I'm so sad to see this series end but I can't wait to see what's next. And no doubt we will catch up with all of these guys sometime in the future. 



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