I'm not going to lie this review is really hard for me to write. Which isn't surprising because I found the first 50 percent of this book hard to read. I read to escape from reality for a few hours and this was all just too real. And I know that a few reviews compared this to a Korean drama and it might be, I've not seen any. But as an adoptee I was too busy feeling all those emotions.


 It was so well written that I completely felt all of those feels. I had a feeling that I knew what was coming and in parts I did. In others I was too busy trying to figure out how this newest bombshell would affect the information we had just gotten. And hoping that Hara could catch a break long enough to deal with her emotions.


I absolutely want to kill Jen for that ending. It wasn't enough, I need happiness and sunshine and wedding bells and babies. For the last five percent I kept praying for the page numbers to change so I could get another conclusion. I feel like everything is still so unresolved and yet everything is resolved. Just not how I wanted it to be.



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