I seriously need to pay better attention to the secondary characters when I'm reading. Because I had no clue that Six's bestie was the leading lady in this book until way too late. And being the fact that Hunt was the hero of our story just made that even better.


Everything about Hunt made him awesome. I really loved him so much. He was quirky, smart, caring, well-built and he loved his dogs, almost as much as he loved Wyett. Every time he explained why he did things; I think I loved him a little more. And with this told in dual point of view, witnessing his thoughts about Wyett, along with his actions was beautiful.


Wyett was just as sweet and smart and had more than her own share of quirky. Everything that had happened to her made her stronger and more determined. And I loved that she was so kick butt and take names. Not once did she feel sorry for herself or act like a victim and I loved that she was a little bit nuts.


As always with this series and the amazing Lani Lynn Vale this was well written. I couldn't get enough of the characters and the story had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next. Now I can't wait for the next book after the baby bomb Hunt dropped.




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