So, I had a brief gap in ARC commitments and figured I would take this opportunity to catch up on my coven challenge. Naturally, I went skipping off to GoodReads to figure out what to read to cover my requirements and hours later I came back to Gray's Girl. This book has been on my TBR since 2013 and I couldn't tell you why I haven't read it earlier except that there's just so many awesome books and not enough time to read them all.


This book was a really straight forward best friend’s sibling romance. With a slight age gap and some sports as well. And from the first page I was one happy little munchkin. Gray was the perfect leading man. He had had a crush on Frankie since he realised what girls were for. And from the minute he heard he had a chance to date her he was all in. He didn't play games or leave anyone guessing as to his intentions. I really loved him.


Frankie was pretty cool. She had her own life and didn't need anyone to save her or look after her. But she didn't make an issue out of Gray wanting to spoil and protect her. They were so hot together and I really enjoyed the book. Now I just need to decide which of my challenge themes I'm putting this to and figure out what to read next. Kisses



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