I don't know if I'm feeling more relieved to finally be at the end of that roller coaster or miserable that my time with Bay and Dare has come to an end. I seriously hate trilogies. I feel like I have spent the last three months waiting for Maya to put my bleeding heart back in my chest. Only for her then to pull it back out, play a little football with it and tell me to wait a month to see what happens next.


So yeah I'm glad the wait is over and I can kiss the tarmac under my feet in relief. But I already feel like I'm missing some friends. Then again my family has been solidly avoiding me for the last few hours so maybe I just need a hug. Because that journey was brutal and watching both Dare and Bay be put through the wringer time and time again has me emotionally exhausted.


But omg that ended so sweetly. And despite my complaining I really am struggling with the fact that I wake up tomorrow and know their story has ended. I want more. I want it all. And I want to see the whole crew together and moving forward with their lives. Although the promise of new books with connections to these characters helps. And now I have something new to impatiently wait for.



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