I have been waiting for this book since Logan's surprise entrance and announcement. Add in the fact that Logan is an MMA fighter, and I was so looking forward to hearing all about their Vegas wedding. I'm loving this series so much.


Nikki, being the gossip queen, being the centre of the paparazzi storm was a fitting turn around. And I loved how much more there was to her. I did not expect for her to have dealt with everything that had happened to her family so personally. Especially since I had already read the previous books in the series and thought I knew what had happened.


But naturally the star of the story was Logan Stone. That man was as sweet as he was sexy and I fell for him from the beginning. And I loved seeing his mum and getting to see where his kind, caring and spiritual side came from. Everything about Logan was beautiful and I could read him all day.


This has been a perfect addition to the series and the teaser at the end of the epilogue was as intriguing as this one. I can't wait to get my hands on that book.




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