So, I didn’t read the blurbs for any of these Busy Bean books before I jumped into them and I really regret it. I love the world, all of the writing has been awesome but, and yes there’s a but, I’ve found a few books that just don’t work for me. And they aren’t for me just based on the fact they aren’t what I prefer and so I don’t like them as much as I would like. Then again, I don’t know if having read the blurb would have made much difference.


Initially I was really liking Murphy, breaking away from the world she knew and striking out on her own to prove herself. But as time wore on she kind of annoyed me. Yes she was out on her own being the strong independent woman I liked, but she was so set on proving herself to people that didn’t or shouldn’t matter that she didn’t treat the people that did matter as well as she should. And to be honest I felt like she was kind of half in things while she was waiting for her “normal” life to recommence.


Ben I just never connected with. He kind of resented Murphy for who she was ten years ago while still wanting to sleep with her. And he got over that and wanted to have a future with her while keeping secrets about himself. Having the mention of a lady he had slept with a few times pawing at him before he went on a date with Murphy was unnecessary and made me not like him even more, like why was it even mentioned? But then he was kind of wishy washy, then he was all in and then he was making plans for his future without having mentioned it AGAIN.


I guess I just never quite got the feeling that these two ever put each other first. They were both just living their own lives parallel to each other and then coming together. Even the epilogue was kind of them each with their own secrets and her being surprised he remembered something pretty freaking major. Overall, this just wasn’t the book for me, but oh well you can’t love them all.



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