I was offered an advanced copy of this and the blurb had me unable to resist. But then I picked it up and realised that there was obviously a book or two previous that I had missed out on and my nosiness kicked in and I checked it out on Amazon. And discovered that this was indeed book two in the series and that book one was on KU. So I started there and developed a massive crush on Cole so I was even more excited to dive in.


At first, I was wondering if he was still hung up on the whole Rory and Mascen drama and if that was going to annoy me. But thankfully he quickly realised it was a non-issue and he dealt with it so perfectly it just made me crush harder. Because honestly everything he did just made him more and more perfect boyfriend material. He was the sweetest, most considerate hero I have read in a while and I loved him.


Zoey was pretty great herself, but she started off so caught up in her past I thought she needed help to build a bridge. However, she was also able to put her issues into perspective and appreciate the people around her. And watching Cole win her over made me read this with a huge smile on my face.


I am so hoping that Teddy's book is next because that boy has some demons he needs to exorcise. I have a strong feeling that we will get all the laughs between some serious feels and I am there for it.




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