Ahhh. From the first one of these books, I have loved Rhett. I mean he gave some serious great boyfriend to his high school sweetheart who he never saw, who didn't deserve him. And each one of these guys have found some equally as awesome women.


So, if you have read the series you know Rhett has been in a relationship forever. Initially I was worried about how the ex-drama was going to play out. And as things got started between Rhett and Sienna, I got even more nervous. But I did not see it playing out how it did.


Sienna was amazing. I couldn't get enough of her. And I love getting characters who have unique issues and hers was interesting and just made me love her more. But the way Rhett fell for her and expressed himself was pure swoon.


As always with this crew the secondary characters gave just as much as the main characters. And Maverick had me laugh out loud a few times. I really can't wait to see him fall in the next book.



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