What's better than a new book from Lani Lynn Vale? A new series, obviously. Although to be honest I still have so many of her original series that I need to read, but a new, new series is just icing.


So as mentioned above I still have a large library of books that need reading, so all of these characters are new to me. I don't know if they are new in general, or part of her other series and I don't really care cause I loved them. And all of these books can be read as standalones anyway.


Naturally the secondary characters were as awesome as the main characters. And the main characters were all that I've come to expect from a Lani Lynn Vale book. Taos was sweet and protective and a massive ball of sexy. And Fran was completely adorable.


The book was exactly what I expected and I love that it was the perfect weekend read. I just dove in and was washed away in a great story that kept my attention completely. And I'm really looking forward to getting Mavis's book next, cause that chicks a firecracker.




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