It's funny that whenever I read a Penny Reid book, I feel almost like I'm reading some highbrow society novel. Not that I don't absolutely love and admire the whole romance genre. But for some reason Penny writes in a way that almost feels educational. Like I almost feel like my eleventh grade English teacher is going to pop up and ask me about the underlying meaning of the story.


And for some reason I freaking love it. Honestly, I've loved every single book I've read by Penny, and I always put them down feeling more like I've gone on a journey than that I've read a book. The entire town of Green Valley just keeps gifting us with these beautiful characters and they are all so uniquely flawed and relatable. They literally make me cry for their pain and laugh at their jokes.


Raquel was amazing. And although I couldn't even imagine living the life of the rich and famous, I could still really relate to her. Her entire personality was rainbows and sunshine and I want to be her best friend. Her thoughts and description of Jackson made me laugh and love her even more.


Now Jackson James is someone we kind of knew from all the earlier Winston Brothers books. But damn did that boy have depth and so much empathy and humanity. I completely adored him.


The book was perfect, and I can't wait to see what the plan is for the series. I honestly have so many characters that I'm hoping Penny writes next, but I also know that it doesn't even matter. She will make me love them and I'll enjoy every word of their story.





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