I can't believe we got to the end of that duet. It felt like July was forever away when I put down Savage Queen and I was sure we would never get there. Then bam Ruthless Noble turns up on my kindle and I had to adult and hold off on reading it. But then one of the beautiful coven babes said they were going to listen to the audio of Savage Queen and I jumped on that bandwagon.


So I have had an absolutely perfect weekend filled with Savvy and Jasper. And now that it's over I feel very bereft. I want more, oh so much more. The twists and turns had me breathless (Sorry Savvy) and I didn't see any of them coming.


I really can't say much about the story beyond saying it gets all the stars. But then if you have read Savage Queen you would be expecting that. And if you haven't why are you reading Ruthless Noble reviews? Go grab Savage Queen now.


Awesome characters, wonderful story, amazing writing. Why can't Alley write faster?




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