I read the blurb for this and thought it sounded sweet. Then I read a few reviews, and someone wrote that it wasn't what we have come to expect from a Helena Hunting novel as it was emotional. And although I get what they mean I have to disagree with that opinion. Helena Hunting has plenty of emotions in her books it's just that you can normally expect to laugh out loud while reading them.


This didn't have those laugh out loud moments. It also didn't have her usual quirky characters. Both Van and Dillion were just normal people dealing with the curve balls life throws. And yeah, their curve balls were coming in fast and hard, but it was all real, family drama. And it was a lot for them to deal with.


I seriously loved that it felt so real. There was so much depth to both characters and the things they were going through were so relatable. The relationship developed so organically, and they both dealt with it perfectly.


So, while I didn't get a typical Helena Hunting novel, I feel like I got an awesome read. And although I missed the laugh out loud moments the story was so captivating and easy to read, I actually forgot that they were missing.



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