I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in the world of True North with all of the awesome books that have been released by various authors. But it has been over a year since we got Dylan and Chastity’s book and to be honest, I don’t really remember a lot of their story. So, I feel like I have almost read this as a standalone and all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and do a massive reread.


To be honest I read the first fifteen percent of this book trying to figure out what I could remember from the rest of the series and some of it came back to me but a huge part of it was still very mysterious. And it took me quite some time to realise that this was because there was a mystery to be solved and not because of my goldfish memory and then I was sucked in so hard.


I really wasn’t able to put the book down because despite the mystery I had a pretty solid idea of what was going on. I just didn’t know how it was all going to play out and if there was going to be a bang or a fizzle when all of that knowledge was revealed and remembered. Daphne we obviously knew from all of her siblings and cousin’s stories and there was a drama with her in May’s book way back when, but I couldn’t remember much about her. She came across as a little cold and maybe a little stuck up but that was just her past and her intelligence.


Once I realised who Rickie was, I was dying to know what his background story was. Because he was simply perfect. Every time he opened his mouth the sweetest things poured out and he was dealing with so much, but he was still so worried about Daphne. I couldn’t wait to see what had happened in his past to cause his memory loss and how he was going to deal with it. And he didn’t disappoint.


The whole book was awesome and everything you can expect from a True North book from the wonderful Sarina Bowen. And I am dying to get my grabby hands on Boyfriend when it’s rereleased.





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