Oh my god. I can't get enough of Lex Martin's writing. I absolutely inhale everything she writes, and every book has been awesome. So, I knew I was going to love every word of this one. However, when I read the blurb, I was a little nervous that this was a second chance story where the hero was a complete man whore. And I was going to hate him.


Thankfully I was wrong, and I loved Rider from the start. Having the story written in dual point of view just made him shine even brighter. Because that boy had depth and maturity and drive and abs. And although he had been young and dumb and full of stupidity he hadn't been a bad guy.


Gabby was sweet and so strong. I loved that she was a bit of a nerd while still being self-confident and self-sufficient. She didn't need anyone to look after her and she was more than capable of holding her own. And when it came to beautiful baby Poppy, she was just amazing. She put aside her own feelings and drama with her brother and Rider and did everything she could to give Poppy everything she needed. Alwaysand above her own needs.


I loved the chemistry between these two and I'm praying that this is going to be a series. Because I could stay with these secondary characters for days. The emotion was as strong as the chemistry, and I did shed a few tears while reading it. And when we got to the tattoo parlour and Brady was there, I was so excited to see the tie in with Kat and Gabby.


Gah this book was just everything I can ask for in a new adult, sports romance. And the spin on the whoops baby just made it epic. God I hope Lex is planning more books, soon.



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