Title: One More Sip
Series: Hideaway Bar #1
Author: Gia Kim
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio
Photo: JW Photography
Model: Aidan Stewart
Release Date: August 4, 2021


Can a shattered heart learn to love again?

For one glorious year, Kailey Wright had the life she always dreamed of. Newly married to the love of her life, the two were working to build a beautiful future... when tragedy struck.

Widowed. Alone.

Kailey is convinced she’ll never love again. Especially not since she learned the true anguish of loss.

After a one-night stand goes horribly wrong, bartender Jax Rowe swears off women. He’s had enough of the drama and games.

Then... he meets Kailey.

Overcome by heartache, she’s as emotionally unavailable as they come. At first, Jax wants only to bring a bit of happiness back into her life. Now, he finds himself falling for her hard and fast.

Wrought with guilt over spending time with Jax, Kailey uncovers truths her husband kept hidden that prove there was much about him she didn’t know. Will these revelations be enough to open her heart to love once more? Or will ghosts of the past prevent her from moving on?




The same unknown number popped up again, and I rejected the call for the third time. Who keeps calling me?
I washed down the rest of my sandwich with a swig of water and headed out of the breakroom when my phone vibrated again. That time, I answered it.
“Listen, I don’t know why you keep calling me, but I’m not interested in whatever you’re selling. Plus, I’m at work, so I have to go,” I snarled at the caller.
There was a cough on the other end, followed by, “Mrs. Wright?” The voice was surprisingly calm, so I paused to listen before hanging up.
“Yes, this is she.”
“Mrs. Wright, this is Officer Brown.” He paused. Why is a cop calling me? My stomach sank. Something was wrong. “Your husband’s been in a car accident, and he’s being taken to Texas General Hospital.”
I gasped, and my heart stopped. “Is he… okay? Is he… alive?”
“I advise going to Texas General as soon as possible.”
The officer hung up, and everything began moving in slow motion.
I half ran to the front and saw Patricia, our office manager, at her desk. “Patricia,” I huffed. “Derrick’s been in an accident. He’s being taken to Texas General. Can you reschedule my patients? I have to go.”
Patricia frowned, and her sapphire-blue eyes etched with concern. “Oh, my God, Kailey. Yes, of course. Go be with your husband. I’ll reschedule your patients.”
Taking no time to even issue a thank you, I turned and headed back to my desk to grab my purse, then jogged out while fishing inside my giant purse to find my car keys. Pissed that I couldn’t find them, I threw my purse to the ground as I approached my car door and pulled all my this-and-that crap out until I saw shiny silver waiting for me at the bottom.
My heart beat out of my chest. I was anything but calm. Where had he been going at this hour? He should have been at work. I had so many questions. My mind went to a million worst-case scenarios about Derrick, but I refused to go down that black hole. I needed to make it to the hospital in one piece.


Gia Kim runs on coffee and chaos.
The perfect day includes a cup of joe and a running to-do list.
With two littles and no personal space, she escapes into her romance novels to stay sane. Each chapter draws her more into a realm filled with star-crossed lovers and happy endings.
These novels and sweet escapes have inspired Gia to start the journey of being an author herself, with a debut novel releasing soon!
She wants to write stories of her own about everyday couples that have whimsical meet-cutes, where they fall in love and get their HEA.



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