Ok so there were some pretty serious series spoilers in this book. And having been warned about them before I started the book (e.g. don't say anything about the spoilers or risk death) I was very excited to get into it. Because this series has been a massive rollercoaster of secrets and danger and betrayal, and I've loved it.


Having them all so intertwined and involved in each other's stories means I'm equally as invested in most of the secondary characters as I am with the mains. And getting to see life continue with kids and dogs and such for previous couples is great. So when we get the next book I already feel like I know at least half of the couple.


Asher and Amelia were off the charts with their chemistry. But Amelia tried hard to fight it. One of the things I love most about this series is that the hero is so masculine and protective, yet they always find themselves unworthy of the ladies. And then we have these beautiful women falling in love with these guys and showing them how awesome they are.


Obviously, I enjoyed it. The series is great, and I love the writing style. Every time I finish one I can't wait for the next one. And this times no different. Toodles




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