I got to the end of the Falling trilogy and was teased with the fact that the next Maya Hughes book was coming soon and had a tie in. But it had been so long since my last SWANK read I really had no idea what I was going into. I picked this book up so excited to dive into all the words and then real life blew up. All I wanted was to sit and get lost in the story but every time I tried, I ended up being dragged out and distracted.


So, a book I thought would take me a few days to read took me a week and I feel like I read it through a fog. Which absolutely sucks for me because it was a great story. And when I hid away and locked the bedroom door this morning for the last 20%, I wished I had been able to read it all in that kind of serenity. I felt all of the emotion and I cried like a baby while watching Sabrina and Hunter fight through their fears and get their happily ever after.


From the start both Sabrina and Hunter had me on side and I loved them both for all their issues. Hunter had so much going on in his head and he played the cranky jackh0le to perfection. Even when he was growling and snarling you could see his soft underbelly and thanks to the dual point of view, we got a good idea of why he was acting how he was acting.


Sabrina arrived at Hunter’s in need of a soft place to land and instead landed in the personal space of Hunter who wanted to be left alone. From getting to know Sabrina I saw the inevitable collision of their issues. And I felt like I spent most of the book waiting for it and when it hit, I felt it.


And now I am anxiously awaiting the next book because it’s Maddy’s book and she really has me dying to know everything about her. I am going to have to do a series reread before then but because I am sure this book deserves so much more attention than I gave it. Plus, I just know there’s some inside stories that I want to know before I go into that book.




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