I can’t tell you why it took me so long to read this series, I love Tessa’s writing and her books are always ones that make me sigh after putting them down and yet this one just lingered on my TBR. And then I grabbed It Happened One Summer in KU and fell in love with Piper and Brendan. So obviously I had to jump right into this one, after I got over the fact, I had to pay $10 for it. I know that it’s worth it but for some reason it always hits me when it's more than a cup of coffee. But in all honesty I barely blinked when I one clicked because I had to read Fox and Hannah’s book.


I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. I had a feeling I was going to love Fox when I got to see more of him. There is something about a redeemed man-whore that just pushes my happy buttons in a book. And seeing him be sweet and soft with Hannah in small doses in the previous book I was so ready to see if he was this brash womaniser or a sensitive soul, we got those small moments with. And my god was I heartbroken to see the depth of Fox’s soul.


It’s funny that the way we speak about men’s sexuality is almost a complete contrast to the way we address women’s. And I honestly never thought about the effect and pressure that those things can put on a young man. But reading this book actually made me think about those things and feeling sad that there’s so little care given to men’s emotional wellbeing.


Wow that got deep fast. But seriously I loved getting to see the softer side of Fox. It was almost as delicious as the yummy, growling, possessive, hard side of him. Hannah was such a perfect contrast in her caring nature and growing into her own confidence having to live out from under the shadow of her larger-than-life sister. This book was one that really made me sit back and think while I inhaled every word. And although I did do a lot of contemplation of toxic masculinity the book was light and fun and easy to read. I’m going to miss these sisters and their sexy sea captains.



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