Ok so this book was kind of a complete contrast. I've put it down thinking how light and fluffy and sweet it was, but I had some serious sad, deep moments in there too. They just were so beautifully balanced with the sweetness that they didn't cloud it.


The main catalyst for Stacia going to stay with West wasn't really focused on. Which was good and bad, I did have a few moments where I wondered what was going on with that, but it wasn't really relevant to the story. And after reading the blurb I actually am so glad that the book was nothing like I expected.


Having West's point of view was awesome because he was so sweet and at other times so alpha, it was nice to see what was going on in his head. I didn't want to put this book down once I got into it. And the complete lack of relationship drama made it so easy to read.


Everything about this book just worked and I am so glad I picked it up today. I'm going to race over to KU and get Colton's book now. Toodles.


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