I’m struggling to review this book and honestly, I think I kind of did it an injustice reading it now. I was in the mood to read a book but I couldn’t pick one, so I just jumped into this one and I wasn’t really feeling it. Second chance romance aren’t my favourite, and I didn’t read the blurb going in. So, when Emmy woke up alone I was annoyed AF and I didn’t really want to keep reading because I wanted an over the top, full on possessive alpha.


I had moments of intense dislike for each of the characters actions but overall, I liked both characters. They just kept making decisions that were stupid or annoying and making me want to smack them both in the head. But then they would work it out between themselves, and I would be forced to get over it and see what was going to happen next.


Emmy was a lot easier for me to like and understand her behaviour. And I did like the twists and turns of their story. It all felt incredibly fated and watching them figure out their issues and learn to work on them together was fun and had me desperate to keep flipping the pages to see who was doing what and why.


Getting more of the town and characters was awesome and I love that these are all on KU now so I can binge them whenever I want, hopefully I read the next one when I am in a better mood and more prepared for it.




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