I literally grabbed this on KU as soon as I put down Rebel Soul. Not because I liked Colton but because I was so hooked on this author's writing style and I’m loving this series. And I devoured it in an afternoon. I am so thankful that this series is in KU, and I could just devour it without thought. Although you could absolutely read all of these as stand alones or in pretty much any order the only thing is there are semi spoilers with them being set at different times and the main characters being connected and making cameo appearances in each other’s books. But if you’re like me it won’t affect the story (mainly because give it a week and I will have forgotten their names (I am terrible with names))


Anyhow Colton started this book like the huge stick up his arse we already knew him to be. And he went above and beyond to make him unlikable. In fact if it wasn’t for how amazing and resilient Ash was I would have wanted him to get a junk punch and been left in the mud. Because man was, he an absolute acehole. Except for when it came to his son. But Ash, she was so awesome, and she was the absolute most caring and beautiful soul ever. I loved the way she absolutely trusted her instincts and led with her heart, even when I wanted her to be swept off her feet by someone who would worship her and fight for her from the moment, he laid eyes on her.


Luckily for Colton, Ash wasn’t perturbed by him in the least as she fell madly in love with his adorable son. Also, luckily for Colt when he finally removed the earlier mentioned stick he gave great boyfriend. And even luckier this was written in dual point of view so even when he was being a jerk, we got some insight into him and it made it him a little more human and forgivable for his actions.


Unfortunately for me I just got a teaser for Best Laid Plans and now I have another book on my TBR I can’t wait to read. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally read this authors books despite having half of them on my TBR mountain. But I can’t be upset because now I have so many awesome reads to look forward to.




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