I always feel bad when I can't remember the last book in a series. All I can remember was that I loved it but that's not unusual for an Ilsa Madden Mills book. And I feel like this book has been on my TBR forever. So, I probably shouldn't feel too bad for not remembering a book I read 200 books ago, but I am bummed I can't remember more about Tuck.


Although that said I feel like we wouldn't have gotten to know much about the real Tuck. Because so much of his personality he was hiding from everyone around him, and he really needed Francesca to give him the safety to let the ugly show. Both of them had so many hidden scars and watching them expose them to each other was awesome. I loved seeing them grow and deal with their past traumas and let each other in.


I had a few moments in this book where I felt like there was a bit too much "extra" added in. And things that were left kind of unfinished or had a twist that felt like it turned left when I personally thought it should have gone right. As a break from reality, I loved it, but it just felt like there were too many additional diamonds thrown in for reality.


And now I'm hoping that the next book in the series isn't who I was previously hoping it would be.





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