This is another one of those books that's sat on my TBR for years. So, in my current I don't know what to read funk I decided it had to be on my TBR to try clean that up a little. And honestly looking at the 2k books that have been added over the last 10 years I realised how vast my tastes are but also how much they have changed.


But today this book was the one that spoke to me, and it was in KU (bonus) so I jumped in and didn't put it down. Luckily, it's a reasonably quick read. However, it sure did pack a lot of interesting story into the pages. I feel like I got a great feel for the characters and who they were. I loved the history between Brock and AJ.


I also got enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting and make me need to see how things were going to unfold. It was hot as hell and equally as sweet with plenty of emotions packed in. It was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon read. And I am off to KU to grab the next book. Toodles.



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