Tessa Bailey writes the best dirty talkers. Honestly, it's just a fact at this point that the hero is going to say things that cause a quiver. Which is a tall task when a lot of the time it comes off as more cringy than hot. But somehow Tessa has it down to a science.

The way this book was written in the third person took me a while to get my head around because it's been forever since the last time, I have read a book that wasn't written in first. But the story had me so in love with both characters that I soon didn't even really notice.

Piper had so much personal growth that it was impossible not to be in her corner. And I felt so sorry for her despite the fact that she had everything money could buy. I really wanted to smack her mum in the face and ask her to be a parent to her daughter's.

Brendan was the perfect hero for Piper. He was so solid and dependable and owned his mistakes. I loved how all in he was from the second he realised that she could be it for him. He gave such amazing boyfriend and was just such a man. I loved everything about these two together and I can't wait to dive into Hannah's book even if I feel queasy paying that much for an ebook.



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