I have been looking forward to reading this book for ages. For so long that the series wasn’t on KU so I bought it with an audible credit and then had so much pop up that I kept putting it off. Because I knew once I read it I would want to binge the whole series and I would need a week or so of a clear calendar and that just wasn’t happening until now. So finally, I put on my headphones and grabbed it on KU so I could adult or read.


First, I want to say that there was nothing wrong with the narration, just that I found it hard to get lost in it and I didn’t really connect with Gigi or Jess. And honestly, I just think it was the disconnect between the American voices and my Aussie ear. Because once I had to put the headphones down and pick the book up, I was able to connect a little more with the story and characters.


I think it also helped that when I put the headphones down and picked up the book all my errands were done, and my stress levels were lower, so I was a little more understanding of the characters actions and reactions. Whereas before that point I was being a bit of a judgy bitch. Once I relaxed and thought it through, I realised that the things that I was getting annoyed about were things that I would do in the same situation.


Gigi was such a great mother and I loved that she always put her daughter first. Jess started out shaky but since the book was told in dual point of view, very little of Jess’s point of view, but enough for me to get a feel for him. If we only had Gigi’s point of view, I probably wouldn’t have believed his motives entirely. But as it was, I ended up being besotted and loving Jess and Gigi together.


The story was intriguing, and I couldn’t put it down. And now I can binge the rest of the series in KU.



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