As soon as I started reading this book I was going insane with the massive amount of deja vu I was having over these Colter brothers and the three neighbours. I kept looking at random books trying to remember who they were related to and why I remembered moving them into their house. And then finally the boys mentioned Duke and Posey and it all flooded in and the book got this extra sprinkle of awesome.

Because despite the fact this is the first book in the series and as such is a complete stand-alone I feel like I kinda know these boys. Even though we literally got like a page of them in The Secret Roommate. And starting with Dallas who is the most like Duke in personality was awesome. And now I'm thinking I need to find out if Elias has a book and go one click it.

Anyway back to this book. Sara Ney writes some books that I can't get enough of and then sometimes she writes books I don't like. So every time I pick one up I'm hoping I'm going to love it and this one I definitely did. Because Dallas is the type of hero you can't help but get swoony over. He isn't a manwhore, he isn't a shallow party boy, he doesn't need redemption, he's just busy and not looking for anything to distract him from his goal.

And Ryann was the perfect distraction because she isn't all that interested either. She was just off living her life not caring about the college social scene or who's who on campus. And although she didn't make Dallas jump through hoops he still had to work for it.

The slow build between these guys was great, especially with the amount of chemistry flying around between them. I can't wait to see the twins get their books and hopefully we get more of Duke and Posey as well as Dallas and Ryann in the future. Would also be great to see if Diego finds love where Dallas is thinking he should look. Hint hint.



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