𝐒𝐥𝐚𝐲 by New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Abbi Glines is coming March 27th!!! This is a steamy, southern Mafia Romance set in the Georgia Smoke Series.


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Rumor- There are moments in life when you make a decision. Accept who you are. What you have become. This was one of those times…

The fairytale I thought I’d found had become a nightmare so quickly after I said, “I do.” Which was the reason I ran when I had the chance. Not thinking about the consequences. Just knowing I had to get free before it was my life that was taken.

I never expected to end up finding a haven. A place where people were willing to help me hide. It was as if I had walked into my own perfect daydream.  

King- “Don’t believe every pretty face you meet, sweets. You should know by now that’s a terrible f----g  idea.”

She was my job. I was to make her feel safe and do whatever I had to in order to make sure she didn’t run. Underneath the abused and broken exterior, there was a fighter. It was in her eyes. I lived for the moments when she let me see that spark.

I had been headed straight to Hell years before I met Rumor, but letting her fall in love with me was going to reserve me a room in the darkest pit available. One day soon, she was going to find out I was the monster she was running from and the family she had come to trust was the mafia that had killed her husband.

*Please be advised that this is book one in a duet and is a standalone in the Georgia Smoke Series. 



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