Maggie Rawdon has quickly become a one click author for me. The only issue is I've read everything she has written so far, and I hate having to wait for her to write them so I can read them. First world problems, I know. The other issue is that despite them not all being the same series there's a lot of crossovers in characters so while I'm reading, I have these moments where I have to stop and think about if I've met the character previously. Luckily for me they all are stand-alones so the fact I forget more than I remember doesn't affect the story.


I waited to read Before the Chaos until I could jump straight into this after. And I'm glad I did because I fell hard for both Quentin and Madison. I couldn't wait to see how everything was going to be resolved. I only wish that Quentin hadn't let ten years go by before he tried to fix it all. Like seriously why couldn't you have gone grovelling after the first year?


Because Quentin and Madison were meant to be together. The chemistry between them was electric and I couldn't get enough of the way Quentin loved her so completely. I just literally can't understand why he waited ten freaking years. And the fact that Madison just got on with her life made me so happy. I can't stand it when the women pine and wait while the man is off living their best life. 


The book was awesome. The story was great, and I couldn't put it down, hence me still lying in bed in my PJs, sorry fam. I adore all the previous couples and I can't wait to see who we are getting next, hopefully Bea and Cooper. But for now, I'm going to stare dreamily off into space thinking about the perfection that was Quentin.



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