Life has been hitting pretty hard this month so, when this popped up on my kindle, I was also excited. I can always count on Natasha Madison to make me smile and fall madly in love with her characters. And for the OG family members to throw in some background shenanigans to make me laugh and reminisce about their stories. Or check out Goodreads to see if I've read the book with whatever family members are currently part of above-mentioned shenanigans.


What I honestly didn't expect was how freaking hot this book got so quickly. It started off with a tease and a six-month separation and I thought ok we are going to get a slow burn with loads of banter and phone conversations. Then next thing I knew I was jumping online to check out some new friends for my drawer and borrowing my husband for a minute.


Ryleigh was so driven and accomplished that I wasn't sure how they could possibly make it work. Then bam Stone comes up with the book boyfriend move of the century and I was all swoony and loving him. But it just wasn't to be, and I swung just as quickly to wanting to kick him in the jewels. 


Luckily for me after Natasha took me through all the feels and we got the annual family holiday as our epilogue location. And I almost put the book down with a smile but then she took the breath right out of me. Stone and Ryleigh ended beautifully but man I am reading the next book armed and loaded with wine, chocolate and tissues.



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