I spent forever trying to figure out what I was going to read next and then realising it would have to be an audio book because I had to adult. Absolutely nothing was catching my attention until I saw this and remembered how much I had enjoyed the first two. Granted I can't remember anything else about them, but I did remember Kate's fit at the end of the last book and Mack being called. So, I listened to this pretty much as a standalone and it worked perfectly.


With audio books for me the first challenge is always the voices, being Aussie sometimes they can sound a bit distracting. And I did have a few moments where I was convinced the male narrator was trying to cover up an accent but a quick google search gave me nothing to back that up, so I went back to my book. Because other than the occasional quirk the voices worked beautifully, and I always love a duel narration.


Kate was a character I could instantly like and sympathize with. I can't imagine how I would deal with the constant worry that my brain and body could betray me. And so, I got why she felt how she felt, except she had such great friends who would have been more supportive if she only gave them the opportunity.


Mack I was on and off. I kind of got where he was coming from with his family, but I also felt like he rolled over and didn't fight. Of course, the flip side is that sometimes you do need to let people learn things for themselves. So, I very much flopped back and forth on how I felt about him. And when the poop hit the fan, he was an idiot of epic proportions.


I would have liked for Kate to get more grovel from Mack. I love that she was so strong that she fought for them, but I like my heroes to be the ones fighting. Especially when it's their mistake that causes the issue. The ending was very sweet, and I did really love Kate and Mack together. And it was a great listen while I adulted. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the series is going to go.





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